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Brenda Hodson

Brenda Hodson

Sadly Brenda Hodson passed away on Saturday 1st August, our thoughts are very much with her family at this time. She was a devoted Mum of Jayne and David, active member of the community in Stone  and a hardworking member of staff, volunteer and friend of everyone at Oak Tree Farm. She will be greatly missed.

Visitor Update 28 July 2020

Visitor Update 28 July 2020

Our Tea Room, Shop and Farm are currently closed to visitors. 

We have just started to welcome back some of our team members to Oak Tree Farm on a very limited basis.

However, in order to keep everyone safe, protect our more vulnerable team members and maintain social distancing, we will not be reopening the tea room, shop and farm to visitors for the foreseeable future.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us and send us good wishes over the past few months.

Coronavirus Update 26 June 2020

Coronavirus Update 26 June 2020

The Director of Care and Health for Staffordshire has said that Building Based Day Services can now reopen so long as they are ‘COVID compliant’. This means that social distancing and infection control (hygiene, PPE etc.) are maintained and fully risk assessed.

Oak Tree Farm Rural Project will be working towards opening in a reduced way over the next few weeks. So that we can minimise the risk of the virus spreading, we will not be able to open to all Team Members and those that do attend will do so at reduced level.

The farm will remain closed to visitors.

The Oak Leaf Tea Room, shop and plant sales will remain closed.

We will be in touch with families and carers in due course to discuss individual Team Members. Those people that we are unable to offer sessions at the Farm will continue to be supported remotely.

I look forward to welcoming Team Members back to the farm, whilst recognising it may be some months before everyone can return. On behalf of the staff and Trustees I would like to thank you for your understanding and continued support of Oak Tree Farm.

David Moreton, General Manager


Meadow Survey

Meadow Survey

The fields at Oak Tree ready to cut for winter feed have nine sorts of grass and seventeen different wildflowers, this is just the fields not including the hedges.
Brilliant names like Yorkshire Fog, Meadow Foxtail, Crested Dogs Tail, Cocksfoot, Lady's Smock, Black Medick, Black Knapweed, Greater Stichwort, Hogweed and of course Dandelions, Buttercups and Daisies!

Oak Tree Farm Rural Project

Oak Tree Farm provides training and supported occupation for adults with learning disabilities, in a rural environment.

The Project provides opportunity, support and encouragement for people to learn new skills and to improve their existing ones, paving  the way into sheltered employment for those people for whom this is appropriate, whilst giving purposeful occupation to others.

Where are we based?

Oak Tree Farm is situated on a 15 acre smallholding near the village of Hilderstone and is part of the Harrowby Estate of Sandon.

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