Horticulture is a key activity for our Team Members, there are many skills to growing plants and flowers, from simply filling a pot with compost, to propagating seeds and cuttings. The team are involved in planting, sowing, potting on, watering, weeding, cutting flowers and harvesting vegetables. There are many other associated tasks which the Team Members complete, from sorting plant pots to re-use to sweeping the green houses. The lawns and gardens all need to be maintained as well, which the Team Members do alongside volunteers and staff.

Oak Tree Farm has an outdoor growing area for vegetables and cut flowers. Potatoes, onions, pumpkins, beans and root vegetables are grown to use in the tea room for soups, salads and cakes. Chrysanthemums, sunflowers, scabious and a range of cut and dried flower are grown to sell in the shop and for the tables in the tea room.

There are seven green houses, three polytunnels and one large glass house that are used to grow a range of bedding and basket plants in the spring and perennials, alpines and shrubs all year round. Most spring plants are bought in as plug plants which are straightforward for our Team Members to work with, the remainder are grown from seed or propagated from overwintered stock.

We have recently switched to peat free compost and fully recyclable plant pots in an effort to look after our environment. We have always been conscious of reusing things and minimizing waste. In the past we have accepted donations of garden equipment, please telephone first to see if your donation is suitable.

Oak Tree Farm, Horticulture, bedding plants
Oak Tree Farm, Horticulture,leaf blower
Oak Tree Farm, Horticulture, digging