Branching out

This is a scheme where Team Members, who may not normally get an opportunity to take part in the Acorn Gardening Services Team, get a chance to be involved in activities off site.  We use a leased car, fully insured and equipped with gardening tools, it is driven by four different staff members so we can be flexible with what we do and when.

The Branching Out team do gardening and estate work as part of the Sandon Hall volunteer team, have an arrangement to help at a local goat farm, plant up hundreds of plants at a local landscaping company’s nursery and do gardening at a nursing home close by.

Branching Out also have a list of errands to run such as picking up animal feed from the farmers merchants, collecting items from the printers, florists’ suppliers or garden centre. The whole idea being to connect with people and places outside of Oak Tree Farm to widen the experience of Team Members and include everyone. They have been known to go strawberry picking as well!

Branching out, flowers
Branching out, leaf blower
Branching out, tractor