Meadow Survey

The fields at Oak Tree ready to cut for winter feed have nine sorts of grass and seventeen different wildflowers, this is just the fields not including the hedges.
Brilliant names like
Yorkshire Fog, Meadow Foxtail, Crested Dogs Tail, Cocksfoot, Lady's Smock, Black Medick, Black Knapweed, Greater Stichwort, Hogweed and of course Dandelions, Buttercups and Daisies!

Meadow survey 2 June 2020

All these meadows are mown for hay or silage, normally in June. They haven’t had any fertilizer for over 25 years, only farmyard manure.  Drive field is sometimes used as a car park. The list shows the presence of moderately species rich grassland with some flowers which are typical of a traditional lowland hay meadow. This was a brief walkover survey and there will be species we missed, grow at different times of year or couldn’t be identify.

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