Activities for Team members at Oak Tree Farm

The focus of the charity is to use it’s facilities, both on and off site, so that Team Members can gain experience and be usefully occupied. This for their own personal satisfaction and help them to ‘gain skills, independence and confidence to take them towards and active role in society’. This is the charity’s mission.

Team Members can gain experience in the horticultural unit; growing plants, vegetables and cut flowers. They also assist with beef cattle, pigs and poultry or work in the purpose-built pottery. The Oak Leaf Tea Room gives catering experience to Team Members and the attached shop offers retail. Acorn Garden Services and Branching Out are parts of the charity that allow Team Members to work in garden maintenance, on farms and nurseries away from the farm in the community.

Many other activities take place as well, such as willow weaving, craft, woodwork, letter writing, site maintenance etc. In fact, we try to involve Team Members in all aspects of the farm if it is appropriate and safe.  

Team Members work alongside staff and volunteers; the activities having been thoughtfully planned so that everyone can participate and succeed. 

Oak Tree Farm, Activities, gardening
Oak Tree Farm, Activities, Signage
Oak Tree Farm, Activities, goat